Exploring Pune with new essence

Pune is one of the most popular tourist cities in India. Pune is famous for its vibrant nightlife, an abundance of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. One of the reasons to go to Pune is nature. Beautiful flower gardens and parks, rocky mountains and valleys are ideal for hiking in clear weather. Compared with other popular resorts in India, Pune will appreciate affordable prices and small cozy hotels as well as Service Apartments Pune.

Pune is rich in attractions. Ancient palaces, temple complexes, museums, monuments – another reason to come here.

Reasons to go

  • Nature. The outskirts of the city are full of beautiful places. There are rocky mountains, green hills and picturesque valleys. Among the tourists are particularly popular walks on mountain trails and flower meadows.
  • Sights. In the old part of the city there are many ancient temple complexes, monuments and museums. The Shanivarvad Palace, the Raja Kelkar Museum, the Pataleshwar Temple are a must-see.
  • Night life. Pune is world famous for bars, lounge cafes and nightclubs. Many of them will be pleased with affordable prices.

Did you know…

40% of the territory is covered with forests. This is more than any other modern Indian city.

Pune is the fashion capital of Asia.

The police of Pune is one of the best and most reliable in India.

Sometimes Pune is called “Oxford of the East” because of the large number of institutes and colleges.

Tourist lifehacks

Drink only bottled water. Avoid drinks with ice.

There are no taxis in Pune. Instead, you can use the rickshaw if your Service Apartment in Pune is little fat from the main city. You can book a trip in special offices, which are located at all railway stations. Cost is better to discuss in advance.

Shops and supermarkets in Pune open after 10 am, sometimes even later.

What to buy?

Spices. Turmeric, cumin, saffron, cardamom and ready-made mixtures for cooking traditional Indian dishes.

Fabric products. Bedspreads, tablecloths, tapestries, cotton and silk clothing, beautifully embroidered with beads and hand-embroidered.

Essential oils. Diverse combinations of herbs, spices, flowers should definitely be brought home from India.

Tea. Return from India without tea is a crime. If you do not know which one to choose, take the Assam, classic Indian black tea.