Finding New Sites of Pune Amidst Perfect Exploration

Pune is a city in India, in the state of Maharashtra. Pune is the second largest in its state, and ninth in India. Its average height above sea level is 560 meters. The administrative center of Pune County. The first reliable information dates back to 847 BC. Pune is the first capital of the Maratha Empire. Pune is the cultural center of Maharashtra.


The climate in Pune is transitional: from semi-desert to tropical climates savanna with an average temperature varying from + 20 ° С to + 28 ° С.

In the city of Pune, there are three seasons:

  • Summer (hot) from March to May;
  • Monsoon season (from June to October);
  • Winter (from November to February)

The hottest month is April. Nights in Pune are much colder than in other cities of India, as the city is located on a hill.

How to get to Pune

Punu is most often visited by tourists who fly initially to Goa or Mumbai. Railway

The city is connected to other Indian cities by rail. Pune City Station is an Indian station with above-average service levels. Every day, 41 trains follow the route Mumbai-Pune.


But you can also get to Pune in another way, namely, by bus from other nearby cities. At the time of 2018, there are three major highways and highways that connect Pune with other Indian cities

Holidays and Festivals in Pune

Pune is replete with concerts and rock festivals. Present to you some of them. You can stay either in a hotel or Service Apartment in Pune and be the part of these festivals.

Sawai grandharva

Began to be celebrated in the 60s of the last century, held in the month of December from dawn to dusk for three days.

The ganesh mahotsav

The festival, the celebration of which is held with great enthusiasm. The city is closed to residents and tourists for ten days.

The chatushiringi fair

The event is held every year. It usually takes place at night in Navrati on Senapati Bapat Road. Huge wheels are the main spectacle, and there you can eat very tasty food.

The NH-7 Music Festival

This festival in Pune appeared quite recently. Held annually in October-November. The festival features Indian music, as well as the music of many Indian and foreign performers. One can participate and enjoy the music festival, staying in strident campus, hotel, or Service Apartments Pune.